Dibek Coffee Ertugrul Bey 200g

Dibek Coffee Ertugrul Bey 200g


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Ertugrul Bey Dibek Coffee

The essence of Ertuğrul Bey coffee is a type of Turkish coffee obtained by grinding Turkish coffee and grinding the mixture of various herbs in a hollow mortar made of wood or stone. This is one of the most popular Turkish coffees with its soft drink and pleasant taste in the mouth.

Ertuğrul Bey Dibek Coffee can be consume at any time of the day, due to its herbal content . It has the feature of keeping it full and facilitating digestion.

Blends contained in it: ground Brazilian coffee, hazelnut flavor, milk powder, cardamom plant seed and cocoa.

Benefits of Dibek Coffee .It can reduce bad cholesterol by increasing good cholesterol when consumed regularly every day.

Benefits to the Digestive System: Dibek coffee has a relaxing effect on digestion as it facilitates digestion when consumed regularly or after heavy meals.

Benefit for the skin: A cup of deep coffee every day helps to beautify the skin.
It helps. With coffee grounds, which acts as a natural peeling, the skin becomes smoother by removing dirt. While it relaxes the skin and body with the oils and aroma it contains, it also contributes to the improvement of your morale.


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