Gourmeshop Wholesale

Hello dear customers ,

As Gourmeshop, we have always paid attention to be a pioneer in serving all demands of our customers. In this context, our site, which provides retail service, also provides customer service for our private customers.
You may want to trade any product you like on our site, of course, you may want to provide affordable product supply conditions, which is the basic concept of trade. In these cases, we have special prices for you, we have special prices according to the product in bulk sales.

These prices are offered to you with discounts up to 60% depending on the number and type of the product you will receive. There are all the countries in the world that we can ship to on our site, if your country is one of them, you can get a bulk sale offer from us, including flight delivery service.

We give our offers in 2 items in total as the price of the product according to the number of the product and the send price according to the country you are in. To discuss the details for your bulk sales requests, please contact us at our contact addresses below and ask for a quote, we are here to help you with the most affordable prices.
We thank you .

Whatsapp: +90 541 5417225
Mail: [email protected]