Trex Tea 60 Sachets

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Product Description

Trex Tea

TrexTea is a tea make from blends of herbal products so the plants in its content have been subjected to special processes. It helps to remove harmful toxins and edema in the body through urine. It prevents sudden sweet crises. Liver fat decreases. It creates a feeling of satiety for a long time also lose 8 to 12 kilos in 1 month. It allows the body to burn more calories. It makes you lose weight by cutting the sweet cravings. It relieves the liver by removing edema. Makes you energetic and fit .

İngredients : Goji Berry Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Rice Hull Extract, Echinacea Extract, L Carnitin, Stevia, Chitosan, Birch Tree Extract, Green Tea Extract, Lotus Leaf Extract, Cinnamon Extract .

How To Use Trex Tea : Add one pack to a cup hot water . Stir it until dissoved . It should be drinking  after the powder is dissolve .It is using  2 times a day . You should use before breakfast and before dinner also should use without adding sugar .

Use of:
Trex Tea is recommended to pour 1 TrexTea bag into the hot water in a large glass or cup 1 hour before breakfast and dinner and consume by mixing.

Warning : The product is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers also people under 18 years old . It is not suitable people who suffer from kidney liver or hearth failure . Keep out of reach of children also keep it in room temperture .

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