Toblerone Honey & Almond Chocolate 100g

Toblerone Honey & Almond Chocolate 100g


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Toblerone Honey & Almond Chocolate

Swiss chocolate is a type of chocolate that is famous in the world. Especially milk chocolate leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth. Known as the world’s first triangular chocolate, Toblerone Honey & Almond Chocolate leaves a delicious and unforgettable taste in your mouth with its special milk formula.

One of the first chocolates that come to mind when it comes to Swiss chocolate is Toblerone Honey & Almond Chocolate. When quality chocolates are combine with honey and almond nougat in ideal proportions with a special formula, it increases your chocolate pleasure many times over. The triangular prism shaped box is very characteristic and is often use in school geometry assignments.

Toblerone chocolate consists of triangular-shaped pieces separated by distinct lines. Thus, the difference in flavor and box is also feels in your eating experience. There are triangular chocolate pieces that can be easily brake apart from each other. The letters on the triangles also allow to play fun games. It is a chocolate that both adults and children will enjoy and have fun while eating.

With its unique flavor and different packaging, Toblerone Honey & Almond Chocolate can be easily carried in your bag and consumed whenever you want. Toblerone Honey & Almond Chocolate, which preserves its freshness until the expiration date when stored in suitable conditions, does not lose anything from its first day’s flavor if you store it in a dry and cool environment. Toblerone Honey & Almond, which is very different from other chocolates with its unique taste and box.
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