Tchibo Guatemala Grande Filter Coffee 250g

Tchibo Guatemala Grande Filter Coffee 250g


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Tchibo Guatemala Grande Filter Coffee

Guatemala coffee beans grown in Guatemala’s fertile volcanic soils and balanced climate have been ground specifically for Guatemala’s Latin Grande. Also carefully packaged to preserve their aroma for a long time . For Guatemala Latin Grande, our coffee, produced from coffee beans hand picked from the slopes, so has an elegant, slightly acidic and chocolate-touch flavor.

The ideal amount of use for a cup of coffee is 6-8 g also It can be prepare with the help of a Filter Coffee Machine and a French Press. Tchibo preserves the freshness and aroma of coffees. We offer our coffees in moisture and light resistant packages. Our experts are searching for the best coffee beans all over the world. We use 100% Arabica beans obtained from the Arabica plant. Full
ripe red coffee cherry. meticulously collected and
We offer the best processed guatemala coffee beans also the coffee beans we choose from special harvests are roaste one by one. Thus, it preserves its original character and acquires its perfect flavor.

A soft and strong coffee, 100% Tchibo Arabica beans, 100% Rainforest Alliance certified, in 250g vacuum package so lets go to try this great taste and enjoy your coffee , We invite you Tchibo Coffee family . You gonna find for you better one and go .

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