Tchibo Gold Selection Filter Coffee 250 Gr

Tchibo Gold Selection Filter Coffee 250 Gr


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Tchibo Gold Selection Filter Coffee

Tchibo Filter Coffee Gold Selection Ground Filter Coffee offers a unique filter coffee experience suitable for very special moments of the day. Gold Filter Coffee selects high quality coffee beans from the most productive regions. It carefully blends these beans by roasting their high quality and freshness without spoiling. Tchibo Gold Selection is an exquisite option to taste this unique quality.

The ideal amount of use for a cup of coffee is 6-8 g. It can be prepared with the help of a Filter Coffee Machine and a French Press. Tchibo preserves the freshness and aroma of coffees so we offer our coffees in moisture and light resistant packages.

We recommend that you store your coffee in a coffee storage jar or in a cool, dry and airtight environment to preserve its freshness.

It gives you the pleasure of filter coffee with its unique aroma. The right choice to come to yourself during the day and start the day fit. It will make you feel soft with its taste and smell. It is a unique option for those who want to experience a unique filter coffee.

Forget about all the filter coffees you’ve ever known. A taste that brings out the flavor of carefully selected coffee beans and in perfect balance. Sweet, aromatic and clean, just the way it should be. Lets o to taste this great coffee .

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