Secret Miracle Honey Aphrodisiac 200 g 12 Sachets

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Product Description

Secret Miracle Honey Mixed Herbal Mixture

This is a herbal mixture including epimedium which one increase sexual power . İt is excellent for men and special formulas with herbs , including 12 piece 15g packs honey and gives high effective consequences , enjoy your life .

How to Use Secret Miracle  Honey

Most men enjoy consuming one packet after dinner by squeezing the contents into their mouth also Miracle Honey advised to drink one or two glasses of water after consuming the packet. It can take 25 to 40 minutes to feel the effect of Wonderful Honey ; timing varies due to the individual’s blood circulation. The effects can last 48 hours.

A box of Wonderful honey consists of 12 single-use packages. A disposable pack is taken orally 45 minutes before the intercourse, and then 2 glasses of water are drunk to spread the effect throughout the body.


Miracle Honey

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