Propolis Liquid Extract Arifoğlu Sprey 30ml

Propolis Liquid Extract Arifoğlu Sprey 30ml


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What is This Propolis Liquid Extract :

Propolis Liquid Extract is a bee product produce by bees by processing resinic substances collect from plants’ buds and stems. Bees produce propolis to repair the cracks in the hive with propolis to protect the hive against micro-organisms also  external factors. When producing it, bees mostly use the resins of poplar and peacock. The composition of propolis contains 45% resin, 30% wax, phenolic compounds, 5% minerals and vitamins.

What is the mechanism of action of propolis? Are there any scientific studies and results shown about the usefulness of propolis?
Cell killer (cytotoxic) effects of propolis on microorganisms have been proved. The healing effects of lips, mouth and throat on microbial diseases, wounds and stomach ulcers have also been proven by experimental and clinical studies. Depending on this feature, it can help treatment when used with antibiotics or reduce the need for antibiotics by reducing the risk of infection. Propolis can protect against tumor formation by preventing the structural change of the cell by neutralizing free oxygen radicals with its antioxidant feature in cellular damage caused by oxidation. Its effects on the cardiovascular system and eye health are also attribute to this feature. Basically, propolis provides support for the immune system with its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

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