Pringles Original Plain Potato Chips 165g

Pringles Original Plain Potato Chips 165g


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Pringles Original Plain Potato Chips 

Pringles , Original Plain Potato Chips is a Belgian origin chips brand. It has been bringing its chips together with consumers in more than 100 countries since 1967. Pringles Original Plain Potato Chips is among the most popular chips brands with its different varieties. Pringles Original Plain so one of the first chips produced
However, it is one of the most frequently consumed varieties.

Pringles , Original Plain Potato Chips, which has a serious fan base all over the world so gets full marks from its users with its crunchy unique taste and flavor. Crispy chips can be preferre as a snack. It will make you more energetic with the rich minerals in it. Thanks to its original content also chips lovers seek
With the product that offers its legendary taste, you can experience the magnificent taste on your palate whether you are watching a match or movie on TV or suppressing your hunger with a small snack during the day. You can eat the product, which stands out as a pleasant snack, either plain or with appropriate drinks.

Pringles Original Plain Potato Chips consists of the most original chips in a round long box that has become accustomed and cult. This red box contains the full product. The specially designed cover, which does not leak air, protects the product successfully. Until the expiry date, provided that the product is stored in a moisture-free environment that will not be exposed to direct sunlight.
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Pringles Original Plain Potato Chips Ingredients Information:

Dried potato vegetable oil sunflower corn) rice flour wheat starch maize flour flavorings emulsifier : mono and diglycerides of fatty acids maltodextrin salt colorant (annatto)

Allergen Ingredients:
Milk and dairy products, gluten, wheat starch
Storage Conditions:
Store in a cool and dry environment.

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