Meri Detox Tea 60 Sachets

Meri Detox Tea 60 Sachets


  • 60 Sachets . 1 Month Usage , Slimming Tea Turkey .
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Meri Detox Tea

Meri Detox slimming tea is a completely herbal tea that helps to lose weight and gives a feeling of fullness in high amounts. Since Meri Naturel Detox gives a feeling of fullness after use, care should be take not to skip meals. Foods that are low in fat and high in fiber should be consume during the day. The recommended daily portion should not be exceed .


Rice husk powder extract, Rosemary extract, Broccoli extract, Echinacea extract, Goji bery extract, Blueberry extract, Yogurt grass extract, Dwarf palm extract, Birch extract, L-Carnitine.
If you suffer from excess fat, edema and toxin problems in your body, this tea is for you. Thanks to the beneficial plants in it, it provides easy removal of swelling, edema and toxins in the body. Moreover, unlike other detox teas, you can easily consume it during the day thanks to its color, smell and taste.

How To Use

You should add 1 sachet Meri tea into a glass of hot water. Stir until melted. The powder should be drunk after it has completely dissolve . It ishould consume  in the morning before breakfast and in the evening, one hour before the meal. It is used without adding sugar.
In order for the product to have the most beneficial effect on the body, it must be use before meals. The amount of fluid you will consume during the day should be at least 2-3 liters. Ready-made fruit juices, alcohol, sugary and high-caffeine drinks should be avoid. Never consume with pastries, prepared foods and sugary foods .

Who Cannot Use?

We dont  recommend to use it by pregnant and breastfeeding women, people using depression medication, liver disease, kidney disease, heart failure, high blood pressure, gastritis, ulcer.

Meri Detox Tea is definitely not a medicine, it is a food supplement.

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