Mehmet Efendi Colombian Filter Coffee 250g

Mehmet Efendi Colombian Filter Coffee 250g


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Mehmet Efendi Colombian Filter Coffee

Colombian coffee is generally rich and strong-bodied, with high acidity. It has different flavors from sweet nutty chocolate, caramel to tropical fruit. As a low acid beverage, it has a rich and strong body. In this way, it will gain your appreciation with its intense caffeine taste and soft drink. It is a product that you can consume at the start of the day or during the day. The product preserves its freshness and permanence with its packaging system. Its aroma come from its 100% Arabica beans and is ground and package in accordance with filter coffee.

Colombian coffee leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate by complementing the low acidity feature it contains with a rich body. When the package is opene, a strong and very pleasant smell is spread around it. It is a product that can be consume comfortably both at home and at work. There are several options for its preparation so  If desire, it can be preferre by brewing in a filter machine, with the help of a french press or in a mocha pot.

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