Mecitefendi Form Tea With Quinoa 40 Piece

Mecitefendi Form Tea With Quinoa 40 Piece


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Mecitefendi Form Tea With Quinoa :

Quinoa tea is a tea sought and used by many thanks to its weakening feature. In addition to its debilitating feature so it is among the benefits of quinoa tea, which protects the heart, relieves constipation, and balances blood sugar. It also contains a significant amount of compounds such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron. It contains various vitamins as well as mineral substances.

Mecitefendi Form Tea With Quinoa ?

Although quinoa seeds are not known as barley and wheat, they have been used in many countries since ancient times. Thanks to its proteins, it is very beneficial for health. It can also be prepare by consuming as tea. The benefits of quinoa tea are as follows:
It has antioxidant properties. Thanks to its antioxidant feature so it protects the heart, liver, lungs, pancreas and kidneys.
It regulates the blood sugar level and the rate of cholesterol in the blood. In a study, it was stat that fructose is effective in reducing the negative effects on both glucose and lipid.
It is a good source of calcium. It is similar to dairy products with its calcium content. Calcium is very important for the bone, brain and nervous system.
It lowers the risk of developing heart diseases. It contains omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids and antioxidants so along with high-quality proteins and carbohydrates with low glycemic value. These compounds also protect against heart disease. Studies on young and middle-aged people have confirmed that it reduces the risk of developing heart disease.
It is good for constipation. Due to the fiber it contains, it relaxes the digestive system and facilitates bowel movements. This provides a reduction in gas, bloating, constipation and pain in the intestines.
It reduces the risk of gallstone formation. Thanks to the fiber it contains, the release of bile water, which is effective in gallstone formation, is reduced. In this way, the formation of gallstones can be prevent.
It contains high levels of magnesium. By taking magnesium into the body, heart and bone health is maintain so blood sugar levels are regulate, and the risk of osteoporosis and asthma is reduce. It meets 48 percent of the daily magnesium requirement.

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