Mecitefendi Form Tea With Chia Seed 40 Piece

Mecitefendi Form Tea With Chia Seed 40 Piece


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  What is Chia seed

Salvia hispanica, a type of sage grown in South America, is known worldwide as the Chia (Chia) plant. The seeds of this plant are sold and used as Chia seeds. Chia seeds contain more Omega-3s than salmon and flaxseeds, which are best known as Omega-3 sources . Omega-3, which is known to be very important for brain and heart health , provides important benefits to metabolism when regular Chia seeds are consumed

Chia seeds contain 5 grams of Omega-3 in every 28 grams.
There are 4.4 grams of protein in 28 grams to meet 10% of the protein requirement per unit.
The amino acid called tryptophan provides a feeling of satiety, regulates sleep and makes you feel better psychologically.
Chia seeds also increase good cholesterol while lowering LDL and triglycerides.
Chia seeds, which are also friendly to the digestive system thanks to their high fiber content . Also effective in preventing problems such as constipation . 28 grams of Chia seeds are also effective for stronger bones and dental health, meeting 18% of your daily calcium needs.
28 grams of Chia seeds also meet 27% of the daily phosphorus requirement.

With its special formulation, which is carefully collected from top quality herbs .  Chia Seed is a herbal blended tea in the context of food safety in its facilities .  The plants used before the production of Chia Seed Form Herbal Tea, which does not contain any additives, were sterilized by dry sterilization technique.

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