Kahve Dünyası Salep 400g

Kahve Dünyası Salep 400g


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Coffee World Salep 

A taste that will warm you up on cold winter days and take you on a warm taste journey. It is a naturally grown plant. It is a drink that will not be satisfie with its consistency and taste.

You can enjoy the drink, which is one of the popular tastes of Turkish cuisine. Salep, which has an off-white color, is usually served with the powdered form of the cinnamon plant.

What makes this drink so amazing is its ingredients.
Its similar substance is glucomannan. When this substance combines with milk, it starts to condense and catches its consistency.

Salep is a very healthy drink in terms of both calories and content. It has a very high value, especially in terms of calcium and potassium. It also contains vitamins A and C. This drink, which also contains iron in its structure, helps you control appetite as it has a fibrous structure.

In addition, 100 grams of salep is only 94 calories. Salep is a beverage that can be easily consume by those who count caloriesso it has an immune-boosting effect.

It helps you feel more energetic by giving energy. You can choose it along with ginger for power to your power. It is a drink that facilitates your digestion . It is good for chest diseases.

When lung patients regularly consume hot salep, it greatly helps with shortness of breath.Salep Milk Drink  also shows pain relief for menstrual pains of women . It satisfies the need for sweets without rising blood sugar and helps to remove excess fat in the body .

It is a natural drink that will help you lose weight as it accelerates the metabolism . Salep also contributes to your sexual life with its effect that strengthens sexuality for men.

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