Pistachio Baklava Hafız Mustafa 1 Kg Delicious

Pistachio Baklava Hafız Mustafa 1 Kg Delicious


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Hafız Mustafa Classical Pistachio Baklava 1 Kg

Hafız Mustafa Classical Pistachio Baklava with Special Pistachio is make from 30 layers of pastry. Dough rate is lower than other baklava. In its content, large amounts of large ground peanuts are using . It consists of larger slices compared to other baklava. The oil is a little more abundant than the classic baklava, and the sugar is a little less.

Shelf Life (provided that it is store in a cool and dry place): 15 Days

Production of Pistachio Baklava:

Many kinds of pistachio baklava are produce. In the production of  pistachio baklava, which is prepare in different ways according to its variety and design style, the dough obtain from flour, water, salt and egg; As the inner material, the syrup obtaine by boiling dried nuts and water and sugar is use.

In the register Antep Baklava, which is produce in Gaziantep, which is regard as the capital of baklava, the cream obtaine with milk and semolina is use in addition to the above materials.

Pastries to be used in baklava production are prepared. For this purpose, the dough which is obtain by mixing hard wheat flour, egg, salt and water and knead is open very thinly.

Then, 30 layers of dough are put on the tray, which has been greased with plain oil, and a cream prepared with milk and semolina is laid on top of it, and 15-20 layers of dough are put again after sprinkling pistachios on top of the cream.

Plain oil is sprinkled between the dough layers. After the tray edges are smooth, the melted and filtere plain oil is poure hot in the baklava and baked in the oven until golden brown. Slice intervals of bakedbaklava are widen with a knife and at the last stage . The product is make ready for consumption by giving hot sherbet to hot baklava.

Content of Pistacho Baklava :

Granulated sugar, drinking water, wheat flour, plain oil, peanut, wheat starch, egg, table salt

History of Baklava :

With the Turks, Arabs, Jews, Greeks, Armenians and Bulgarians all having claimed baklava as their national dessert, the history of the saccharine dish is a bit more complicated than expected. Here, we recount the story of the dessert as best we can.
It can be say that the Ottoman Empire’s wide reach across its dominions in the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, Balkans and Caucasia could be the reason why various cultures call baklava their own dessert. However, whether the dessert came from the ancient Greek or Byzantine empires or the nomadic Arabs or Turks, is still uncertain.
What we can say is that the dessert took on quite the elaborate forms during the Ottoman period, with written evidence in the Topkapı Palace kitchen notebooks beginning in 1473.

A dessert of the sultans, baklava became synonymous with wealth and sophistication as well as a state tradition. In the late 17th century, the baklava parade begin to take place where the empire’s soldiers were treate to the decadent dessert during the big feast of the Ramazan holiday.

The procession of baklava trays being carry from to the barracks become a parade, with a long march cheer on by the people of Istanbul.

Today, baklava is no longer only a dessert for the rich, having become a ubiquitous gift for every kind of celebration . In Turkey, every birth, visit, wedding, graduation or funeral is accompanied by boxes of baklava  The most famous of which is from the city of Gaziantep . This city  known for its excellent pistachios (baklava’s favorite filling).

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