Godiva Dark Chocolate Square 60g

Godiva Dark Chocolate Square 60g


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Godiva Dark Chocolate Square

Godiva Dark Chocolate offers an extraordinary taste! Stay by your side for a sweet snack when you need it most.
Godiva Square Chocolate is the delicious chocolate variety of the world-famous Godiva… We recommend chocolate lovers to try these irresistible flavors of the world-famous chocolate brand Godiva.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate
Chocolate is a food that many of us, big and small, love to consume. Chocolate, which is among the most enjoyable foods to eat since childhood, is beneficial for health, especially the dark one.
Dark chocolate contains theobromine molecule. In this way, while chocolate is good against cough, it also prevents stubborn itching in the throat. Dark chocolate is a storehouse of antioxidants also the cocoa in the content of dark chocolate shows a high amount of antioxidant effect. For this reason, its regular consumption prevents many heart and cancer diseases.
Dark chocolate calms stress and makes the brain calmer.

The plavonoid substance in dark chocolate is an enemy of cholesterol. For this reason, bitter chocolate regulates the cholesterol level and ensures that people are healthy. Bitter is good for skin health. It especially helps to heal the damage caused by sun rays. In this way, it provides a smoother skin. Dark chocolate, which is good for diabetics, regulates blood sugar.
It is also known to reduce stress, especially for expectant mothers.


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