Corneo Epimedium Herbal Aphrodisiac Paste 240g For Men

Corneo Epimedium Herbal Aphrodisiac Paste 240g For Men


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Corneo Red Epimedium Herbal Aphrodisiac Macun 240g For Men   

-Corneo  Red Epimedium Aphrodisiac Paste Maximizes your sexual performance by increasing your sexual desire.
-Keeps you ready to sexual intercourse more than one in addition reduces the risk of premature ejaculation.
-Epimedium paste increases the blood circulation in the vessels running to penis so it provides harder and long -lasting erection.
-Increases excitement and activity in sexual intercourse.
-Corneo Epimedium Aphrodisiac Paste is sedative after the relation and it reduces the rising breathing in -out after the intercourse.
-Reduces blood pressure and blood sugar in addition this paste reduces Beta-lipoprotein and cholesterol.
-Prevents the inflammation and strenghtens the immune system so you can be more healthy .


Your should take Corneo Epimedium Herbap Paste before 30 minutes between 1 hour from sexual moves just 1 teaspoon . İf you need more effective result may be 1.5 spoon is max enough also we dont recommend to use with alcohol or drugs together . In addition suppose to take without any medicine coz you may have hiden hearth problem or hearth attack problem .

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