Bioxcin Biotin Vitamin 60 Tablets

Bioxcin Biotin Vitamin 60 Tablets


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Bioxcin Biotin Vitamin 60 Tablets:

Bioxcin Biotin Tablet (biotin), which is one of the types of B vitamins involvs in the formation of energy in the body also is a water-soluble vitamin. Vitamin Biotin has also spread among the people as a vitamin of hair.

Biotin, which is known to take part in the formation of many tissues . Especially skin, hair and nail structure, is a vitamin needed for the functioning of different metabolism in the body. It is not store in the body and the excess is excret through the urine.

What is biotin so what is biotin (vitamin B7), what are the benefits?

What is Biotin, What is Biotin (vitamin B7), What are the Benefits?

Biotin is also called Vitamin B7, Biotin-D, Vitamin H, Coenzyme R or W-Factor . The relationship between biotin , nail and hair caused it to be referred to as a beauty vitamin although it is not generally observe also  some absorption problems and malnutrition in terms of biotin can create a biotin deficiency in the body. In this case, besides feeding with foods containing biotin, biotin supplements can be recommended by physicians.

What Does Biotin Do?

Biotin is a vitamin that is needed in many metabolism in the body. It is involvs in fat, carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism. Biotin, which has studies on how blood sugar can help regulate;
It contributes to normal energy formation metabolism, normal macronutrient metabolism, protection of normal hair also  protection of normal mucosa, protection of normal skin.

Although biotin deficiency has various symptoms observed on the skin and hair, the most reliable method in this regard is to measure the vitamins with laboratory tests. If you think you have symptoms of biotin deficiency so you can consult a physician and check your biotin levels by checking your blood.

The Relationship of Biotine with Hair

What Does Biotin Do For Hair?

Biotin is use for in the production of keratin protein in addition  which is abundant in hair, nail and skin structure. For this reason, biotin has always been consider important for hair. Even though serious biotin deficiency is not common . So people with biotin deficiency have frequently experienced hair loss and scaly red rash.

Bioxcin Biotin Contents:
Indregients 1 Tablet %BRD
Biotin 5000mcg 000
ZINC ( SULFATE) 15mg 0

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