Bioderma ATODERM İntensive Baume Balm 200 ml

Bioderma ATODERM İntensive Baume Balm 200 ml


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Bioderma ATODERM İntensive Baume Balm ;

Dry skin is a skin problem that can be seen at almost any age and everyone. It is useful to get help from a skin specialist in dryness where only moisturizer is not enough. If there is a dryness problem on your skin, your skin hardens, peeling peeling begins, symptoms such as itching and cracking may appear. Skin care is very important for these problems to decrease and not progress.

Bioderma Atoderm has produced Atoderm Intensive Balm 500 ml to support the skin’s comfort by thinking of people with dry skin. It is a product that contributes to reducing the feeling of redness, tightness and itching that occurs on the skin due to excessive skin dryness .

Thanks to its enriched soothing and purifying components . It provides care for the skin and supports the calming of the sensitivity caused by dryness also keep fresh .

The product, which is suitable for the use of sensitive skin with intense dryness also moisturizes your skin by meeting the moisture that the skin needs. Moistened skin gets elasticity. Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Balm is formulated by with Skin Barrier Therapy .The Skin Barrier Therapy patent helps the external factors that cause intense skin dry to not hold on and multiply on the skin.

The product content includes Canola Oil so  Sunflower Oils and these oils contribute to the nourishment and moisturization of the skin.

Suitable for daily use also balm is suitable not only for adults but also for babies and children. The product is easy to use. Although it has a dense texture, it is easily absorb  by the skin. It does not leave a sticky feeling so dermatalogically tested product does not contain perfume and paraben. Hypoallergenic. ,it is not comedogenic.

Method of Usage Borderma Atoderm :

Method of Usage: Bioderma Atoderm is applies by massaging your face and body that you have dried thoroughly by cleaning it beforehand.

Frequency of Use : 

It can be applies 1 or 2 times a day. Suitable for newborns, except premature babies

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