Beta Tea Selected Quality Black 500 Gr

Beta Tea Selected Quality Black 500 Gr


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Beta Selected Quality Black Tea

Three leaves of tea are collecte from the tea gardens in the Ratnapura region of Sri Lanka and bring the flavor to your tables also with its short curled black leaf structure , it gives the typical aroma and character of the tea region where it is collecte .

FBOP tea type obtained from the leaves collected and processed from low areas, with its not very dark infusion color and acrid taste, is a type of tea that can be easily prefer by both hard and soft tea lovers.
it is tea.

Beta tea , the most important feature of Beta Selected Quality, which is a completely natural product . Because of that it does not contain any preservatives. The full and bitter taste felt while drinking is the unique aroma of this tea originating from the climate of the region where it is grown .

Thanks to its pouring tea feature, it offers easy brewing with fresh tea leaves. It is possible to catch the taste of Ceylon tea even in a few spoons. Beta Tea Selected Quality Ceylon tea, which is completely natural and additive-free, offers you a combination of different aromas. :Beta tea  brings natural black tea to your tables. It is possible to store it thanks to its easy packaging and protective mouth. It is a very enjoyable black tea that can be prefer  by tea gourmets who like to try different flavors.

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