Beta Tea Earl Grey Black Tea Cup Pack 48 Bag

Beta Tea Earl Grey Black Tea Cup Pack 48 Bag


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Earl Grey Cup Pack , collected and processed from the low-cut Ratnapura region of Sri Lanka also has the appearance of curved medium-length leaves. Ceylon tea leaves are blended with the special Beta flavor obtained from bergamot oil to form Earl Grey Black Tea. The non-dark brew color, bitter taste is both hard and soft . But this time the indispensable tea taste for those who love aromatic tea.
The citrus-like taste and smell of Earl Grey Black Tea comes from the bergamot oil contained in it. (Bergamot orange is a fruit grown in the Mediterranean region with a flavor similar to an aromatic orange.

Bergamot oil is extracted from the rind of this fruit). The dark brew color that appears bright when brewed is a good example of the balanced hard and bitter taste of Sri Lanka tea character.

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