Explore 5 Important Museum in İstanbul

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Even if you live in Istanbul for 20 years, there are definitely places to discover. Museums are the primary places to discover. Because the historical richness of Istanbul is reflected in the museums. Istanbul hosts dozens of museums. Here are 5 museums that must be seen in Istanbul for those who are looking for new alternatives so that they do not say “The best tourists visit Istanbul”.


Considered as one of the richest museums in the world, Istanbul Archeology Museum; It contains more than 1000 works belonging to Byzantine, Roman, Helen, early, middle and young bronze period, chalcolithic and neolithic period. It is a museum worth seeing just for its building.

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Work on the development bank of Turkey and the Bank’s establishment until today, hosting many things Turkey İş Bank Museum is a museum quite enjoyable. The museum, which was built in the establishment building of İşbank, has dozens of things that smell of history. except Monday and the first day of Eid Turkey Business Bank Museum is open every day 10: 00-18: 00 pm you can visit. We are sure that you will enjoy.

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