Salad Spices 250g

Salad Spices 250g


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It used all over our kitchen, of course, have a great effect on salads. Salads may not be the first food group that comes to mind when it comes to spices, but when you think about it .

We see that salad spices are also heavily involve in our lives. As Hayfene, we also include our pice mixture in the special spice mixtures we have created with our experience over a century.

Hayfene salad spice mix brings together spices such as Turkish saffron, safflower, basil, basil, mint, rosemary and sumac the recipe is completely unique to us . It can be used in all kinds of salads. If you keep the spice mixture in olive oil and vinegar for a while, you can get a delicious aromatic sauce.

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