Mint 250g

Mint 250g


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Mint is a popular ingredient in a variety of foods and beverages, from tea and spirits to sauces, salads, and desserts. Mint, which has a wide range of uses for health and cosmetic purposes, is also very healing with its tea and oil. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of mint for human health… Here are the benefits of mint…
It is a plant from the genus Mentha or Lamiaceae commonly known as mint leaf. The leaves of mint, known for its strong scent, refreshing and relaxing effect, is a delicious spice and has a wide range of uses. Mint is rich in vitamin A. In addition, it contains plenty of calcium, magnesium, potassium, folate and omega-3 oils.

Some of the health benefits of mint include:

It relieves indigestion;
Peppermint can do wonders for almost all of your digestive issues. Menthol so the active oil in mint, has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help relieve indigestion and soothe the stomach.

It relieves asthma;
Peppermint consumption has been associated with a sedative effect for asthma patients. Peppermint has anti-inflammatory properties. It is a good relaxant and removes congestion. However, make sure you don’t exceed your peppermint dose too much, otherwise it can irritate your respiratory tract.

It is good for common cold;
Mint is known to clear congestion of the nose, throat, bronchi and lungs. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint alleviate the irritation of the respiratory tract caused by chronic cough.

Headache ;
Peppermint is an adaptogenic herb, so peppermint can also help cure headaches. Strong and refreshing mint flavor can ease headaches. Peppermint balms or peppermint oil are effective in healing headaches and nausea when applied on the nose and forehead.

Help digestion;
Peppermint is a great appetizer or palate cleanser. The aroma of the herb facilitates digestion by helping to activate the salivary glands in your mouth as well as the glands that secrete digestive enzymes. It is also a powerful remedy for alleviating the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A 2013 study showed that the menthol in peppermint can relieve diarrhea.

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