Espresso Coffee Mehmet Efendi

Espresso Coffee Mehmet Efendi


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Mehmet Efendi Espresso

Espresso Coffee Selected high-quality arabica beans are specially roaste to give espresso its distinctive flavor. Espresso has been prepare with the traditional care and meticulousness in accordance with the use of perculators and espresso machines. It has been packaged with advanced technology to ensure the freshness of the aroma is preserved in at least two ways. This is prepare by blending 7 different origins.

It features floral, fruit, toast and chocolate flavors. It has a full, rich and velvety flavor. This is a more intense and hard-drinking coffee than filter coffee. A well-prepared cup of Mehmet Efendi coffee has a naturally occurring layer called crema. You can also add sugar to your espresso coffee as desired.

Freshly ground coffees packaged with the latest technology preserve their aroma and freshness for at least two years. For those who prefer espresso coffee as beans, the roaste beans are package using special valve packages. Espresso is a fast coffee brewing method that was discovere and introduce to the world by the Italians in the 1900s, using the power of pressure.

It is served in small portions and has a very strong taste and a dense consistency so  It is rich in flavor and high in caffeine per milligram. Additions such as milk, caramel, chocolate can be made upon request. Lets go to taste this great product .

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