Corneo Energy Chocolate For Man 240g 12 Sachets

Corneo Energy Chocolate For Man 240g 12 Sachets


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Corneo Energy Chocolate For Man

Corneo Chocolate is used to increase sexual power in men.

One Sachets Corneo Chocolate 15 gr. meets an average of 60% of your daily vitamin B needs. Its reinforced structure comes to your attention whenever your body demands more energy, you lose your endurance, you have low performance and difficulty in concentration, and it helps you to get out of that exhausted state.

Whenever you need to increase your energy and concentration, after intense and prolong physical activities . you are your best assistant in order not to be defeated by insomnia on long journeys and to be able to withstand challenging sports activities. It stimulates you, increases your performance, reaction speed and concentration, awakens your metabolism, in short, makes you feel better and continue.

Corneo Chocolate 15 gr daily. You can consume 1 chassis. If you want the effect to take place in a much shorter time after consuming it, if you consume it at a level that is close to hunger or hunger rather than using it after full meal, you can see the effect faster because the speed of mixing with the blood will increase.
The effect of Corneo Chocolate can be up to 2-3 hours depending on the structure. The interval in which the effect of Corneo Chocolate reaches a maximum can be interpret as the first hour. Over time, the effect will decrease and disappear. It has been observed that it eliminates problems such as impotence and premature ejaculation in long-term use. Corneo Chocolate is the most harmless sexual support product for you.

How to Use Corneo Chocolate and What is the Benefits :

Corneo Paste has a natural aphrodisiac effect thanks to the plants it contains. 30-45 min from sexual activity. it should be use half-hungry or 2 hours after meals.

Natural plants in Corneo Epimedium, which is a herbal mixture, form a bottom sediment within a short time. Mixing the epimedium paste homogeneously by mixing it thoroughly before the activity will ensure an even distribution of the contents in each serving. Corneo Paste is producing exclusively for men . Corneo is suggesting to be use at most once a day, preferably a teaspoon.

Things to pay attention :

Another thing to consider when using Corneo Chocolate is not to use alcohol together. Alcohol slows down mixing into the blood and minimizes the effect of honey, affecting your getting enough performance. Alcohol also creates a feeling of numbness in the brain and spreads it to your body, so if you drink alcohol even after using Corneo Chocolate, it will reduce its effect.


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